Latest Louisiana Film and Production Projects


QUEEN AND SLIM Feature film Queen and Slim, will shoot January 28th through March 22nd in New Orleans.

TALL GIRL Feature film Tall Girl is filming January 14th through March 1st in New Orleans.

JAY AND SILENT BOB GET A REBOOT Feature film Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot will film February 25th through March 28th in New Orleans.

THE LOVEBIRDS Feature film The Lovebirds will film January 21st for 30 days in New Orleans

LOOKING FOR ALASKA Television series Looking for Alaska will shoot March 25th for 78 days in New Orleans.

SNOWBALL Feature film Snowball will shoot February 20th through April 5th in New Orleans.

EXPOSURE Feature film Exposure will shoot January 16th through March 7th in New Orleans.


CLAWS Television series Claws Season 3 is filming November 28th through May 1st in New Orleans.

SYNCHRONIC Feature film Synchronic is filming November 26th through December 21st and January 2nd through the 6th in New Orleans.

GOSSAMER FOLDS Feature film Gossamer Folds is filming November 13th through December 21st in Baton Rouge.

SHADOWS SEASON 2 Television series Shadows Season 2 is filming to February 7th in New Orleans.

POWER Feature film Power is filming October 8th to Christmas in New Orleans.

ON BECOMING A GOD IN CENTRAL FLORIDA Television series On Becoming a God in Central Florida is filming October 1st through February 8th in New Orleans.

NCIS NEW ORLEANS SEASON 5 Television series NCIS New Orleans will film until April 29th in New Orleans.

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